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****Cover Letter****
Raouf Habib				                                  Home phone: 586 776 1747
22521 Red Maple Lane			                      Cell phone: 586 883 4726
St Clair Shores, MI 48080		                                  E-mail: raoufkhf at

Position Applied for: Equipment Engineering Maintenance Supervisor.

Dear Sirs;

Please consider my resume for the Equipment Engineering Maintenance Supervisor position. It is in my greatest interest to apply for the employment opportunity with your company.

    I believe my skills obtained from my work experience provided me with the ability and the motivation needed to fit this position. I gained vast and extensive experiences of managing and supervising Maintenance/Production and Safety operations of different industrial plants. My experiences include:
-Supervising, personnel safety. Assigning jobs to maintenance/production teams, troubleshoot maintenance/production problems. Develop and refine equipment maintenance plans and repair procedures, analyze equipment failures and initiate corrective actions and predictive measures, and drive development and implementation of standards and specifications for equipment, facilities, and plant systems including parts standardization
-Maintain/operate hydraulic systems, pump stations, valves, pneumatics, compressors, conveyors, chillers, heating ovens, heat treatment furnaces, overhead cranes, plastic extruder, crushers, winders, slitters, pelleting units, vacuum metallizzers, electric motors, power generators, gas/fuel supply systems, heat exchangers, boilers, insulation, heavy equipment, overhead cranes, lifting equipment, mobile equipment.
     I attended several practical and educational training in different European countries. I have a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, and I am open to relocate in USA.
Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hear from you.


Raouf Habib

Name:		Raouf Habib
Address:	22521 Red Maple Ln
	 	St Clair Shores, MI 48080
Job Title: 	Sr Assistant Mechanical Engineer
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:15
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	586 776 1747
Secondary Phone:586 883 4726
Email: 		raoufkhf at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: $60,000


Raouf K. Habib                                              
22521 Red Maple Ln                                      
St Clair Shores, MI 48080                               
E – mail: raoufkhf at
Home Phone: (586) 776 1747
Cell Phone: (586) 883 4726
Engineer/Supervisor position in: maintenance / reliability, manufacturing,
production, plant operation.

Employment Status:
U.S. Citizen 

Professional Experience:
*August 2006 to November 2006: Detroit Public Works, City of Detroit.
Position: Construction Inspector (Road and Bridges Engineering Projects.)
· Review construction designs and drawings, follow up, monitor, inspect, and
receive all civil/electrical/ mechanical construction works.
· Record, calculate and evaluate all used materials in construction projects to
meet the standard requirements and specifications as per the proposals.
· Suggest/recommend construction changes if needed.
*December 2000 to May 2006:  Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept, City of Detroit.  
Position: Senior Assistant Mechanical Engineer
· Review water/sewerage projects, recommend design changes if needed to match
City standard requirements.
· Recommend, final approval of water and sewerage projects. 
· Review, technical issues, of water and service agreements and contracts,
between, city of Detroit and suburban communities. 

*October 1999 to November 2000: Nisshinbo Automotive Corporation, Michigan.     
Position: Manufacturing Supervisor.
Company activities: Manufacturing of Auto Brake Linings.
· Shared the implementation of ISO 9000 to the plant systems
· Raised the productivity and the quality of products of the 3rd shift.

*March 1993 to June 1999:  Modern Packaging Products Co.                        
Positions: - Maintenance, reliability Manager.  
- Production engineering and Inspection Manager. 
Company Activities: Producing By-Oriented Polypropylene Film, Polyethylene Film,
and Vacuum Metllizing Film.
· Improved the performance of the Polypropylene line, that was running at about
13 meters per second and was producing around 12 tons per day including 20%
scrap, by raising the speed of the line to 20 meters per second and raising the
production to 22 tons per day (20 micron thickness) at 7% scrap.
· Solved technical problems of: corona treatment systems and the rubber rolls
under the corona effect, heating rolls of MDO, chain clips of TDO, hydraulic,
pneumatic systems, thickness-measuring devices (using Beta particles from an
active source), Chillers, extruders, winder, slitters, crushers, feeding silos,
electric distribution panels, cranes etc.
· Overcame the vibration problems at high speeds and modifying the hydraulic and
pneumatic systems and D.C motors speed control units.
· Member of a team, who fully specified a Cast Polyethylene film (10 meters wide
40 micron thickness) from Lenzing AG. of Austria and two Vacuum metallizers from
England. Studied the offers, chose the supplier, followed up with the
manufacturers of the lines, tested and received the lines in Austria and
England. Installed the lines, trained production/ maintenance teams, put the
lines into production, prepared preventive/predictive maintenance programs and
requested spare parts.

*April 1974 to March 1993: Springs & Transportation Needs Manufacturing Co.     
Positions: Industrial Engineering, Maintenance and Installation Manager.
Company activities: Manufacturing auto/trucks Flat and Coil Springs, Brake
· Member of a team that specified two Leaf Springs production lines and one Coil
springs production line, studying the offers, choosing the suppliers (Skoda of
Czechoslovakia and Krupp of Germany), following up with the manufactures,
testing, receiving the lines, installing the lines in Egypt, training
production/ maintenance personnel, putting the lines to production, preparing
preventive/predictive maintenance programs and requesting spare parts.

*November 1967 to April 1974:  El Nasr Company for Spinning Cottons and Weaving
Positions: Plant Maintenance/manufacturing workshop Engineer.  
· Responsible of Boilers and the Auxiliary Power station operation and

- Bachelor of: Mechanical Engineering (1962 – 1967) from Cairo University.
· The Educational Credential Evaluators Inc (ECE), and the International
Education Research Foundation Inc. (IERF), have evaluated my Bachelor degree.
Both institutes concluded that the earned Bachelor degree from Cairo University
is equivalent to a Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering earned from an
accredited USA university. 
. The Board of Professional Engineers of Michigan accepted my Bachelor degree
and years of experiences as equivalent to an ABET accredited degree of USA.
- Master Level Mechanical studies (1982/1983).
  I perused these studies at Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas; I
earned 6 credits of graduate level study.

Training Programs:
· Management of Maintenance of Industrial Equipments (8 weeks). Conducted by the
German Institute Carl Duisberg, of Germany. 
· Organization and Management of Industrial Maintenance (8 weeks). Conducted by
the Swedish Agency of International Technical and Economic Co-operation.
· Maintenance Documentation by the Centre Franco Egyptian de Documentation et de
Promotion Teqhnique. 
· Feasibility study – High Efficiency Lighting – Industrial Furnaces – Improving
Combustion Efficiency – Process Control by the USA AID program “Energy
Conservation and Research Development”, financed by the USA Federal

Plants Practical Training:
· Volvo and Essab of Sweden.
· Danish Brewery of Denmark.
· Skoda of Czechoslovakia.
· Vacuum Metallizer of England.
· J.M.Voith A.G. and Lenzing GMBh of Austria.
· Krupp, Heuser, Bruckner, and R. Putzmenn of Germany.
· Fluent English and Arabic 
· Good spoke German.

Computer and professional Skills:
· Working with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.).
· Good knowledge of: TPM, RCM, CBM, TBM, DOFR, Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing.

References will be supplied upon

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