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Reginald Padilla applied to the following job:  Job ID: 23501, Equipment Engineering Maintenance Supervisor on

****Cover Letter****

Name:		Reginald Padilla
Address:	34239 Tartarian Wy
	 	Union City, CA 94587
Job Title: 	Maintenance Supervisor
Will Relocate?	N 
Experience Level:15
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	510-471-4273
Secondary Phone:408-970-5503
Email: 		rpadi78412 at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


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  Reginald S. Padilla                                                            
Res. (510) 471-4273- rpadi78412 at    
34239 Tartarian Way, Union City, Ca. 94587  
  Dear  HR Representative,  
  If you are looking for 
a person with a proven track record in maintenance management and equipment 
repair, who possess a strong technical background to get the job done, 
I am that person. I presently supervise a 3x4 weekend night shift maintenance 
crew at Vishay Siliconix’s IC manufacturing facility in Santa Clara. 
I supervise 20 highly trained technicians responsible for all aspects 
of equipment maintenance in a fast pace environment.  Being the 
senior person on site, I’m involved in all aspect of keeping the site 
running including emergency activities requiring the ERT.  Prior 
to Siliconix, I supervised all levels of maintenance including facility, 
janitorial and manufacturing equipment at a silicon wafer-manufacturing 
foundry. I’ve managed Lam Research’s Northern California Field Service 
operations for three years.  Responsibilities at Lam included managing 
a department of 50 field engineers, and three Service Account Managers 
and two Administrators.  Before that, I supervised equipment maintenance 
resources at Hewlett Packard’s Deer Creek  R&D IC facility 
for three years and prior to that worked as a senior technician there 
for 8 years.  
  I am familiar with all 
aspects of running a maintenance department from capital purchasing 
to developing maintenance management programs. I have a strong working 
knowledge of computer controls, electrical/electronics troubleshooting, 
Robotics, PLC control systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, process gas, 
RF, and vacuum systems.  I have the solid background to repair 
electro-mechanical equipment that your company is looking for.   
  My resume is enclosed 
for your review and consideration and I believe you will find that my 
well-rounded experience in management and equipment matters makes me 
an ideal candidate with the qualifications to meet your expectations. 
I am eager to meet with you about your current needs and to explore 
the possibility of employment. Thank you for your time and consideration.  
 Reginald Padilla 
  34239 Tartarian Way             Res. 
510 471-4273  
  Union City, Calif. 94587               Rpadi78412 at    
 Maintenance Supervisor/Electrician 
  Experienced and results-oriented in the technical/business arena, 
supported by a strong combination of service management skills, response 
to customer needs and problem solving knowledge in the following areas:   
       Field Service Management   
       Profit and Loss Management   
       Equipment Maintenance Management   
       Manpower Budgets/Forecasts   
       Project Management   
       Contract Negotiations/New Busi  ness   
used:   MS 
Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Windows XP, Schedule Plus Lotus 123, 
AmiPro, Freelance, AutoCAD , HP UNIX, ASK/ManMan, Vantive Call-handling, 
Promis, Outlook.  
  VISHAY SILICONIX, Santa Clara, Calif.            1999 to present  
  Weekend Night 3x4 Maintenance Supervisor      
  Supervise all aspect of equipment maintenance activities in an IC 
manufacturing fab. Duties included prioritizing work, coaching employees, 
hiring, developing training programs, and discipline when necessary.  
I ensured quality work is performed with minimal MTTR and maximum MTBF.  
When necessary, I work on equipment.  Active member of the ERT.   
  SUMITOMO SITIX, Fremont Calif.                      
1998 to 1999  
  Maintenance/Facility Supervisor   (Plant shutdown)  
  Supervise maintenance activities for production and facility equipment.  
Managed a group of 18 technicians that repaired electro-mechanical robotic 
controlled systems that interfaced with computers.  Also managed 
two facility technicians that took care of, acid waste, DI water processing, 
air handlers, and other support auxiliary systems. Hiring, training, 
disciplining and coaching maintenance personnel within the department 
were my main duties.  
  LAM RESEARCH, Fremont Calif.             1995 to 
  Regional Field Service Manager    (1996 to 1998   ) (Reduction in Force)  
  Managed field service operations for Northern California (Silicon 
Valley). Department of 50 engineers including 3 Field Service Account 
Managers.  Responsible for managing, communicating, and support 
between the customer and the technical and operational components of 
Lam Research. This included tracking activities of the field service 
organization and ensuring the availability, responsiveness, and effective 
utilization of resources.    
     Developed escalation, customer protocol, training, standard o  perating procedures, and customer feedback programs.    
     Increased utilization by 30 percent; reduced expense by 10 percent 
  and achieved equipment to engineer ratio of 1:10 by creative work shifts 
  and cost cutting activates.   
     Generated revenue from service con  tracts, upgrades, preventative maintenance programs, and paid service.       
     Provided pre-sales support to customer in service contracts, pre-system 
  audits, warranty, and service programs.     
     Coordinated and met with customer groups on regular basis to assess   needs and required service levels.      
     Managed RMA returns, service billings, and adherence to Lam  ’  s escalation policy.     
     Department received service excellence awards from Xicor Semiconductor, 
  VLSI, and SSI   
  Field Service Account Manager    (1995 to 1996)     (promotion to Field Service Manager)  
  Support responsibility for assigned customer equipment base that included 
over 100 plasma etch systems and 16 field service engineers at Lam Research’s  
Northern California office.   
     Planned and coordinated all eq  uipment installations, preventative and remedial maintenance, including 
  upgrades, mapped around a 24x7 compressed workweek.    
     Recruited and hired engineers.    
     Reviewed employee performance and training goals on a quarterly basis; 
  coaching and motivating subo  rdinates accordingly.    
     Reviewed customer equipment purchase specifications for serviceability 
  and warranty provision issues, redlining problem areas, and re-negotiating 
  as applicable.     
     Reduced equipment warranty overruns by 30 percent and maximized field   service labor utilization by 30 percent.   
  HEWLETT PACKARD, Palo Alto, Calif.                            
1984 to 1995  
  Equipment Engineer Section Manager/Equipment Engineer    (1993 to 1995) (   site shutdown)  
  Managed equipment maintenance resources in support of a 6” IC manufacturing 
facility.  Worked closely with manufacturing and engineering in 
evaluating, purchasing, and installing new and used equipment, upgrades, 
repair of existing equipment, support of equipment qualification specifications, 
reliability, and increased equipment up-time. Provided leadership and 
supervision to maintenance staff to meet departmental goals of low Mean 
Time to Repair (MTTR), high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and equipment 
availability objectives.    
     Developed, implemented   and maintained the preventative maintenance programs; achieved a 95 
  percent completion rate.     
     Defined and tracked equipment MTTR, MTBF, and availability metrics 
  used to determine root cause analysis, upgrades, and equipment modifications. 
  Collected data t  hat was used by equipment engineers to determine actions.   
     Developed departmental program and procedures used with ISO 9000, 
  procedural equipment acceptance criteria for pre-shipment, installation, 
  and final acceptance of capital equipment.   
  Senior Equipment Engineering Maintenance Technician/ lead    (1984 to 1993)    (promoted to management)  
  Troubleshot, repaired and performed preventative maintenance on, state-of-the-art, 
IC production equipment utilizing electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, 
hydraulic, high-vacuum, fluid, gas delivery, RF, and computer control 
     Coordinated equipment installation, upgrades, and de-installation 
  with vendors, purchasing, facilities, and shipping.   
     Analyzed, designed, and initiated improvements and modifications relating 
  to   equipment safety, set-up, and increased equipment availability.    
     Generated preventative maintenance procedures and trouble-shooting 
  guides for equipment in litho and etch work cells contributing to a 
  reduction in unscheduled downtime and increased availab  ility.    
  SIGNETIC CORP., Sunnyvale, Calif.              
1979 to 1984  
  Sr. Maintenance Technician    (area shutdown)  
  Performed preventative and corrective maintenance on all equipment 
used in the manufacture of integrated circuits.  Equipment utilized 
computer controlled robotic systems that interfaced with pneumatics, 
hydraulics, fluids and toxic material.  
  Kentron International, Ridgecrest Calif.           1979 
to 1979  
  Generator Electrician   (did not like desert life)  
  Modified and troubleshoot generators for use in high speed photography 
for military weapons testing.  Ensured generators ran with no downtime.  
Modified generator configuration to enable best load handling capability.  
Performed PMs and servicing of 80 generators throughout the site.    
  U.S. NAVY                1973 to 1979  
  Electrician Mate Second Class (E5)    (Honorable Discharge)  
 Rewound, overhauled and troubleshot 3 phase, single-phase 
AC and DC motors, from fractional horsepower to over 150 horsepower 
and 400 cycle M.G. sets.  Installed and trouble-shot lighting systems, 
high voltage switching gear, small boat electrical systems, overhead 
cranes, solid state controllers, battery charging equipment, and motion 
picture projectors.  
  Chabot College. Electronics AA Degree, Hayward, Calif.  
  Professional Training:   Fundamentals of Management HP, Behavior Interviewing, Time Management, 
Customer Satisfaction AMA, Corp. Legal, Performance Evaluation, Sexual 
Harassment, IC process basics, Total Quality Control (TQC), Code compliance 
for advanced technologies, Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, 
NEC 99, Facility Management. ERT certified by State of California as 
Hazmat Technician  
Training:   Navy’s Motor rewind school, Navy’s Electricians 
A school, Navy’s fire fighting training, Various semiconductor equipment 



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