Fwd: Re: Maintenance Supervisor Position

Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 23 11:20:05 PDT 2007

Hi John,

Can you check the e-mail address we had set up for the maintenance 
manager position?


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>Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 11:13:05 -0700
>To: Paul Rissman <rissman at stanford.edu>
>From: Marian Naaf <mnaaf at stanford.edu>
>Subject: Re: Maintenance Supervisor Position
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>Hi Paul and Mary,
>As a follow up to the voice message I left Mary, I tried to send an 
>email to the SNF email address previously set up for applicants from 
>HotJobs to send their resumes to.  I received an auto response that 
>the email address was not valid.  Please let me know what email 
>address should be listed for the Maintenance Manager job posting in 
>HotJobs.  Please be advised, the job will not be posted on the 
>HotJobs web site until I hear back from one of you.  Thank you for 
>your attention to this matter.
>At 09:38 PM 3/21/2007, Paul Rissman wrote:
>>At 09:20 AM 3/21/2007, you wrote:
>>>The job is currently posted on Stanford's employment web 
>>>site.  However, the posting on HotJobs has expired.  I will get it 
>>>re-posted on HotJobs before the end of this week.  The title will 
>>>be changed to Equipment Maintenance Manager.

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