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****Cover Letter****
Herman J. Adams
3263 Ridge Crest Court
Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 387-9701
hjadams7 at

To: HR Manager

I am seeking a career in engineering which involves the need for an individual with my skills, knowledge and abilities.  As my resume highlights, I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  I also have diverse skills in project management, design, and consulting.  I have contributed in the workplace by proactively providing quality assurance resulting in customer satisfaction.

I can start work immediately, due to winter layoffs from Consolidated Engineering Labs.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you at a mutually convenient time.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Herman J. Adams

Enclosure: Resume

Name:		HERMAN Adams
	 	Hayward, CA 94541
Job Title: 	Building Industry Consultant / Design Engineer
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:5
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	510-387-9701
Secondary Phone:
Email: 		hjadams7 at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


3263 Ridge Crest Court - Hayward, CA 94541
Telephone:  (510) 387-9701 - E-mail: hjadams7 at


To obtain a position in engineering to utilize my Mechanical Engineering,
Project Management, Design Engineering, and Consulting skills to enable the
company to develop and implement projects in a cost effective manner.

Strategic / Long Range Planning		-Program Management
Performance Optimization		-Budgeting and Finance
Process Improvement			-Teaching / Training / Presenting 
Organizational Development		-Adapting to Rapid Change

*    Experience successfully working in a multi-discipline consulting and design
/ build environment with 
      defined budgets and schedules with high customer and manager
*    Teams with client services representatives and sales in driving the
following channels of growth: new
      service agreements, field proposals, retrofit projects, maintenance
repair, and quality inspections to
      resolve potential issues.
*    Ensuring costs stay in line with the financial objective.  Develops
long-range schedules for executing
      the project/contracts, strategically forecasting all the financials for
the contracts, billing the contracts,
      and scheduling manpower.
*    Lead project engineer for several major corporate customers including
Kaiser Permanente, University
      of California Berkeley, Chiron, U.S. Post Office, PIXAR, SIEBEL, and

Telecommunication Consulting
        *   Performed work as a Building Industry Consultant, providing
information about the fiber application
            needed for present and anticipated growth.
        *   Developed 70% of the plans for growth for the city of Emeryville.
        *   Point of contact for development in cities of Albany, Berkeley,
Emeryville, Hayward, and Oakland. 
Facilities Design Engineering
*  Designed facilities for telecommunication projects, coordinating company
development plans with 
     various city government regulations and plans for population growth.
*  Consulted with the installation and design team to obtain ideas and create
new processes to better
     utilize the workforce.
Project Management 
*  Managed fiber-ring implementation in Berkeley, which included managing all
businesses and
     internal groups involved in the process.
        *   Coordinated the design and building facilities for student housing
at the University 
            of California.
        *   Combined multiple design implementation projects at the Berkeley
facilities in order to save on
            labor cost and expenses.  

Construction Inspector / Laboratory Technician
Consolidated Engineering Laboratories - San Ramon, CA		           
	           3/2004 - 11/2006
Inspector for various construction projects where I verify that construction
teams follow procedures of required building codes, and requirements of the
engineer.  Inspection activities include concrete, epoxy, anchor testing, and
mechanical inspections for construction sites, clean rooms, data centers, and at
both the Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories.  Tested
anchoring systems for worldwide manufacturers using tension, shear, and seismic
testing for Powers Fasteners, Red Head, and HILTI.

(Resume Cont'd)

Telephone:  (510) 387-9701 - E-mail: hjadams7 at

SBC (Formerly Pacific Bell) - Hayward, CA                                       
                             3/1997 - 12/2002
Building Industry Consultant Engineer (BIC/Design)
Improved telecommunications designs based on statistically sound analysis
methods and analytical results. Developed systems by selecting optimal sources
for facilities by referencing databases, and drawings. Negotiated lead times,
part and tooling pricing; release drawings for obtaining parts, initiate
purchase requisitions for parts; monitor supplier progress ensuring adherence to
schedule and quality. Managed many post-release changes, coordinated
construction teams to complete designed project.  Collaborated with contractors,
owners, and city managers to design entrance facilities for telephone services. 
Provided project management, including structural design of residential and
business facilities for cabling of telephone equipment.  Designed maintenance
plans and upgrades for copper and fiber systems.

MATHESON FAST FREIGHT - Hayward, CA                                             
Load Quality Manager
Manages 5 workers, verifying freight loaded into trucks is secured for transit
with on-time delivery.
LOCKHEED MARTIN, Oak Ridge, TN                                                  
                   Summers 1994 - 1995
Quality Assurance Manager
Assisted the office of Quality Programs and Inspection group for the Research
Reactors Division. Managed quality control of receipt inspections where I
identified materials utilizing X-ray Fluoroscopy, and surveillance of mechanical
fabrication for materials to be used in the High Flux Isotope Reactor.
        ?   Detected a shipment of scratched pipes and reported the problem,
leading to a manufacturer
            investigation.  Pipes were found defective.  Early detection of the
defective product left the
            service life of expensive company pumps intact.
        ?   Previously held a Security Clearance for access to the Oak Ridge
National Laboratory.

Spring/Fall  1994-1995       
Resident Assistant
Worked as a mentor, counselor, bookkeeper, organized activities, and held a
leadership role 
for the men's dormitory.

Interior Design Assistant
Worked in structuring of walls and ceilings for construction and interior
redesign of buildings.
Obtained knowledge of project management from external sources.


Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering received August 1996. 
Tennessee State University - Nashville, TN.  

Continuing professional/technical education includes seminars or courses in the
following: OC-12 / OC-48 Database Systems, Litespan, and Telecom Safety.

Memberships: National Society of Black Engineers and American Society of
Mechanical Engineers.

Sound working knowledge of the following software applications: Microsoft Word,
Excel, and AutoCAD.

Security Clearance presently inactive but can be obtained.

Excellent references will be provided upon request.

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