Comment karlsuss SNF 2009-03-06 23:31:56: chuck micrometer ranges limited

gsosa at gsosa at
Mon Mar 9 13:27:16 PDT 2009

The X and Y motion warnings do not apear under normal system operation. These warnings appear during a system power up. X and Y out of range errors occor whan the stages are not at or close to the center of travel position during a power up/initialize sequence. The recovery for this is to turn the micrometers to the center position (10mm) and turn the  theta so the 2 hashmarks are lined up. The display will go from "out of range" to "In range" and the display will prompt for next step. Tested stage travel limits undur normal operating conditions for both aligners ( X travel = 20 mm, Y travel = 12 mm).  Tested system operation- All OK. Checked and calibrated lamp power supply.

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