Problem karlsuss SNF 2009-04-28 21:07:45: Backside alignment problems

gsosa at gsosa at
Wed May 13 13:25:27 PDT 2009

Verified X travel limits of BSA microscopes against system specification.  Both left and right microscopes meet the specification of 16 to 43.5mm of travel before hitting the software limits. When both microscopes are at their widest position, the distance between the objectives is 87mm as per specification. If in the fast mode, the microscope can travel slightly past the software limits at which point you will get a limit error displayed and an audible beep. To recover, the microscope must be moved in the opposite direction using the arrow button. The error will continue to be displayed and audible beep until the microscope travels back within the software boundary. Also, each press of the arrow button will only move the microscope 0.01mm increments in either fast or slow mode until it is within the software boundary. At this time the microscope operation returns to normal. BSA microscope operation OK

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