Karl suss down

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Oct 10 16:29:57 PDT 2000

HI folks,

Karl suss is down. Starting last Friday afternoon the system start
giving "Wafer vacuum loss"  I did do training on Monday and got that
error and still was able to get by and after me two more people were
able to use it. Some one turned the system OFF to clear the error  and
we could not turn  the system back on. Mario has  spent  long hours on
it and fixed few of the  problems caused by turning off the system.

There is a sign posted on the system that it says  Do not turn the
system off.  I am not sure how to state that I do not want you to turn
the system off. There is a procedure we follow when we turn it off, when
you turn it off and on again  the stage bangs it self to the sides and
causes more problems. Now,  one problem and a wrong action lead to a
much bigger problem.

karl suss has been called and we are waiting to see when they are able
to send some one down to fix the problem. I will send an email to notify
you as soon as the system is up.

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