Karlsuss - power

Dong-Woon Shin dwshin at sunray.snffab.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 20 19:04:46 PDT 2002

I had a very unlucky day today.  It turned out somebody used different
power level which should be set to the middle position.  (They are not
supposed to touch it, aren't they?)  

I found it out by seeing LDD 26W etching all the way through the resist
and the Al sample. (or is it the LDD chemical that was foul?)   

Well...  someone can say it is my responsiblity to doublecheck it in
advance but I think it's their responsibility to set it back to normal if
they are allowed to change it if at all.

The power level is still set to level 3.  I am not willing to touch it...

This was for your information.

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