Lamp intensity check

Spotworthy at Spotworthy at
Fri Dec 6 07:45:24 PST 2002

There appears to be a user who feels the need to change the lamp intensity on CI1 from 15 mw/cm2 to 7 mw/cm2, and not change it back.  It would be prudent for everyone using the karlsuss to check the CI1 lamp intensity (press the lamp check button on the front keypad) prior to every use.  Even if you are not using CI1, please help and just check the intensity of CI1 before using and report if the intensity is well below 15 mw/cm2.  This will help in finding out exactly when the intensity has been changed.  Thanks in advance.  This will help us to maintain the integrity of the karlsuss2 system for all users.

Linda W.

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