Advance Notice: Visiting Class

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu May 9 16:03:39 PDT 2002

Hi all --

We are hosting three lab sessions for students in the EE17Q class.  As
you may have noticed, I've reserved svgcoat, svgdev2, karlsuss, and
evalign for the following times:

Tuesday, May 14:  3:30-5:30 (7 students)
Wednesday, May 15:  4:00-6:00 (4 students)
Thursday, May 16:  3:30-5:30 (4 students)

We will be just coating, exposing and developing a few wafers, so we are
not likely to take up this whole period of time, nor are we likely going
to need all the equipment.  But I just wanted to give you advance
warning, and to let you know that availability of this equipment during
these times will be subject to how well this class lab goes.

Any questions, contact me, Sharleen Beckwith, or Mahnaz Mansourpour.



Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
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