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Fri Feb 13 15:24:07 PST 2004

I'm wondering if it's OK for you to have "karlsuss2" under DUV, instead of karlsuss,
for my patterns with 0.8 um features & 2 um pitch somehow survive only with 
karlsuss but not with karlsuss2.. (with using 0.88-thick 3612 resist)   I've already 
been waiting a couple of days for the tool to be released, and I'm asking you if it's 
possible to switch the tool over the weekend.
best regards,
ps. I've been placing my oxide wafers inside 110C oven since last night
    to see how long HMDS is effective for my process.  I'd appreciate
    if you bear with me storing them until tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks a lot!  

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Just to let everyone know that equipment will be under DEEP UV MODE Until  tuesday morning ( 10:00 AM)  2/17/03 , people with reservations on karlsuss one can  use karlsuss 2 .  

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