alignment marks sizes

Matt Hopcroft hopcroft at
Mon Jul 18 19:34:47 PDT 2005

	Have a look at the SNF website, click on Processes. There is a
page with contact alignment files that you can download.

	Lots of other useful information is also on the website.

-Matt Hopcroft
hopcroft at

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Thomas E. Jerde wrote:

> I am making a design for a mask and I need to know approximately what 
> size the alignment marks should be for use on karlsuss.  I have a 
> good idea what they should look like, and how successively smaller 
> sizes are useful, but I have no scale info about what diameter the 
> largest mark should be.
> I'd really appreciate any info!
> Thanks,
> thomas
> tjerde at

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