Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 3 09:51:03 PDT 2006

Hello all
Here is the test Uija did on Friday, I thought to pass the info along.


Here are the qual I did on Friday.
K1 - 1 um 3612 resist
       Hard contact - 1.5 um line/space all cleared (looks so  
       Vac. Contact -  1.0 um space/line all cleared(perfect)
K2   Hard contact -  T(2.5um L/S)
                              C(1.5um L/S)
                              F(1.5um L/S)
                              L(1.0um L/S)
                              R(2.0um L/S)
       Vac Contact -  all locations  1 um L/S all cleared
Vac contact looks so nice
Thank you

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