Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Tue Mar 18 17:05:58 PDT 2008

Hello all,

The 6 months pm has been done, The wec has been rebuild and everything 
possibly can be checked on the system has been checked.
I tested the system
In vacuum mode,  1 um 3612 exposure 1 sec. with chuck ( with vacuum 
channel) 1 um was resolved on all 5 sites. The most beautiful wafer I 
have seen in a while.
The same  test ran with the solid quartz chuck was not as good, 1 um 
resolved in two areas but 1.5 um resolved in all 5 sites.
We did find the screw missing and we put it back on the quartz chuck so 
it should behave even better.

Unfortunately both system needs to be tested for back side alignment  
which the mask will arrive tomorrow and he will need time on the 
systems. I was able to make reservation for ks but the ks2 was booked. 
warning that your reservation might get bumped.
Please take a minute and thank Gary and Mario and report any problem or 
concern on coral.
If  you all be good and treat the systems well, I might have a nice 
surprise for you all.


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