wec is slightly off

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Wed May 18 13:20:53 PDT 2011

hello all,
I thought to let you know that the last few  times that we have tested 
the system, I did not get a good result.
Mario and Gary worked on it and shot a wafer yesterday  which i looked 
at it this morning.
The wafer they shot looked perfect in the center and left and right and 
okay on top and flat area.
i thought to run one more wafer from the same batch of wafers which I 
did not get that result.
After adjusting some of the setting,   I ran out of  wafers . I decided 
to put the stetting back to original as it gave me
the best result. If you expose wafers check the top and flat area and 
please comment on coral will be helpful.

I will continue this afternoon.


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