Problem karlsuss2 SNF 2009-03-13 18:31:06: loss of mask vacuum

vilanova at vilanova at
Mon Mar 16 08:14:54 PDT 2009

Came In and I found the system with a hissing noise that
happens  when someone remove the wafer from the chuck 
before the exposure complete the routine , Also I found
some of the screws that Hold The entire mask Plate Lose
I dont know why, I guess because someone was trying to see
if they could see where the vacuum leak was coming from, 
please DO NOT DO THAT!!!! I  Initialized the system Put
my mask  and Exposed a wafer, Vacuum is Good and there
is no Hissing NOise Or vacuum Leaks, Remember TO clean
the chuck and the mask Prior to use the system, sometimes
people use Tape on the chuck wich makes the wafer stick to 
the mask , Clean it with Isopropyl and if you have problems
come in  when stuff is here so we can help with the issues.

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