Problem karlsuss2 SNF 2009-03-30 16:14:19: overlay is off

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Mon Mar 30 16:14:19 PDT 2009

I ran a second layer on the tool and:
If you use the align check button,  the system will show you how much drifts after it goes to contact. Although i separated the wafers and mask and readjusted it and it was perfect alignment after development
Left side of the wafer was off more than 10 to 20 um in Y and 10 um in X and right side did slightly better, this is with flat of the wafers toward you.
I did not see this drift in Contact/align/expo button.
I strongly suggest do not use the system for second or consequent layers, meaning that the system is not able to do overlay at the moment.
Move you work to Karlsuss.
I am not shutting down the system because still can be used for ONE LAYER ONLY.

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