Shutdown karlsuss2 SNF 2010-09-13 08:30:37: Scheduled lamp Change 9/13

gsosa at gsosa at
Wed Sep 15 16:14:46 PDT 2010

Replaced bad lamp power supply with new Suss CIC500 power supply.performed optical feedback loop cailbration for Constant Intensity mode. Had to physically adjust the position if the optical sensor in the lamp house due to over-saturation. adjusted cal pots for CI 1 and CI 2 for 60% of max readout. Calibrated intensity for both channels:
 CI 1( 365nm) setpoint 15.0 Mw/cm2, Uniformity 1.62%
 CI 2(405nm) setpoint 30.0 Mw/cm2, Uniformity 1.9%

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