Problem karlsuss2 SNF 2011-06-30 12:49:24: lamp intensity highly variable

gsosa at gsosa at
Fri Jul 1 11:41:02 PDT 2011

Verified that the intensity was unstable with external meter. Tried calibrating the optical sensor feedback loop as per service manual. Still same problem with unstable light intensity. Opened up lamp house and checked shutter operation. Fould that the exposure shutter acting a bit lazy and sluggish,  sometimes opening up about 98%. This was enough to cause feedback problems and target intensity issues. Adjusted pneumatic speed controller(TO 9.1) for positive opening of shutter. Restarted and stabilized the UV lamp. Checked and calibrated intensity to 15.0 Mw/cm2, Uniformity @ 1.33%. Cycled shutter many times with lamp test. The exposure is very repeatable. Will continue to monitor. WIll also order new air cylinders for the exposure shutter, since they have not been replaced in quite a while.

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