Problem karlsuss2 SNF 2011-06-30 12:49:24: lamp intensity highly variable

lindaw at lindaw at
Thu Jun 30 12:49:25 PDT 2011

During a multiple exposure (8.0 sec X9 cycles, 10 sec wait) the lamp power supply started beeping during the last 3 cycles.  When I went and looked at the intensity, it was only 14.2, then the next cycle was 12.7, and the last cycle was 12.2 mW/cm2.  When I ran the the lamp test, the intensity was only 4.6.  After waiting 10 sec, I ran the lamp test again, and it was 14.9 and stable for about 15 seconds.  I waited another 15 seconds and ran the lamp test again, and it was 7.8.  Waited 15 seconds, and ran again and it was 13.2 and beeping.  After writing up this message, I repeated the test, and 4 cycles were reading 14.9 and stable.  I will try another wafer exposure.

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