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John Shott shott at
Wed May 19 14:07:33 PDT 2010

Karl Suss community:

Linda Whittelsey made the following detailed comment on Coral about use 
of the "alignment check" button on the Karl Suss alignment tools.  As I 
thought this was a thoughtful and well written set of instructions by 
one of our most experienced lab members and because not all of you may 
be in the habit of reading comments under the Maintenance panel, I 
thought that I'd take the liberty (with her permission, of course) of 
sending this out the the "normal" Karl Suss mailing list.

My guess is that some of you may not be aware of this use of the 
"alignment check" feature and may find this posting of use in achieving 
more consistently good alignments.  Here are Linda's comments:

> I exposed 8 4" wafers.  The alignment is spot on.  When I align, I check the alignment using the "alignment check" button directly below the "exposure" button.  This brings the wafer into soft/hard contact (depending on the program chosen), and any shift can be seen and corrected for by pressing the "alignment check" button to release and re align to adjust for any shift. Repeat until you are satisfied with the alignment, then hit expose while wafers are aligned in contact with the mask.  If you are using the "align cont/exp" button (above the arrow buttons) to check your alignment, and then hit expose, you may see a shift, but  only after development.  I advise trying to do the pieces and use the "alignment check" button to check alignment before exposure.  Hope that helps.

Happy aligning,


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