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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Fri May 21 10:53:20 PDT 2010

Hello all,

I will  be on vacation next week so here are some information on the 
tool in general which I hope to explain little more details.
I will put a copy of it in the lab and when Uli is back we will add it 
to our training  procedure.

Let me explain to you the differences between the three buttons, Align 
Cont/Exp, Alignment

*Check and Exposure key and this may refresh things.
1.  The Align Cont/Exp. key is used to bring the wafer into Contact 
from the Alignment gap and/or back to the Alignment gap from Contact.

2.  The Alignment Check key is used after the alignment of the mask
 and wafer, it brings the wafer into contact and is used in cases with
exposure programs like Hard Contact or Vacuum Contact where vacuum 
that typically holds the wafer to the chuck is released during the process to
provide a more intimate contact to the mask.  This key performs  the
complete exposure program except for exposing the wafer.  This option 
is convenient because one can see a shift, realign if necessary, and all of
this can be done with out exposing their  wafer.

3.  The Exposure key is used after the alignment of the mask and  wafer,
brings the wafer into contact, performs the complete exposure  program
and exposes.  There is no chance to realign is a misalignment  occurred
during the exposure program.

As for Soft Contact misalignment issue that Tom is experiencing,  the
potential for a shift to occur is much, much less than that of a  Hard
Contact program as the wafer vacuum is present during the entire  process.

So Now I have two options:
I like to sit next to Tom and see what is happening ( Tom knows the system very well so  the 
chances of him doing things oddly is very  little.
This is an intermittent issue ( i believe that, and I have seen  it)
should the system be  evaluated?  Yes, I think  so.


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