FW: DI Water Shutdown, Wed. AM

Michael Robles michael.robles at asml.com
Mon Sep 22 15:57:23 PDT 2008


Without DI, the developer will be down but the coater will still be up.


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Subject: DI Water Shutdown, Wed. AM

Dear Labmembers --

The DI water pump which supplies our lab will be replaced on Wednesday
morning, starting at 7 am and should be done by noon, if not before
then.  During this time, DI water will unavailable.  This affects the
following stations:

Wet stations:  wbdiff, wbsilicide, wbnonmetal, wbnitride, wbgeneral,
wbgen2, wbmiscres, wbgaas, wbmetal

Other stations:  svgdev, svgdev2, kscoat, wafersaw, cmp

These tools have been reserved for this time and will be unavailable.  
Please plan your processing around this shutdown.  We apologize for the
inconvenience - but this should give us a more reliable and serviceable
DI supply.

Thanks for your attention --

You SNF Staff

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