Problem kscoat SNF 2009-05-14 16:16:40: E Zero shift

gsosa at gsosa at
Thu May 14 16:16:40 PDT 2009

Large shift in E0 over past 2 weeks. E0 shifted from ~50mj's to less than 40( off scale). Did partitioning tests. 1st test: PEB is Suss tool and develop in SVG- OK at 49 mj's. 2nd test PEB in SVG Dev and develop in Suss tool- Bad <40 mj;s (off scale). Definite problem in developer module.Verified temperature on recirculator for developer temperature control: OK at 21 deg C measured with thermometer. Disabled and vented developer canister, processed one wafer with standard recipe except with manual pour of fresh developer. Result OK at 49 mj's. Advise ASML to drain remaining chemical, flush dispense system with DI water and refill with fresh chemical.

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