Taping of Safety Training Lecture

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 23 16:01:06 PDT 2000

Lab Users,

If anyone in your group is waiting to attend the September Safety Training
Lecture which is needed to start working in the lab, we are going to be
making a video tape of this lecture tomorrow Wednesday (8/24). All
newcomers are welcome to attend. The taping will start at 2 pm in CIS 101.
After attending this lecture, those wishing to use the lab will still need
to get their paperwork in order and go on a safety tour. We will probably
schedule a safety tour for early next week. After tomorrow's taping, the
plan is to stop offering live Safety Training Lectures. Instead, new lab
users will view the video tape followed by a written quiz.

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