Robin King king at
Tue Dec 12 16:37:16 PST 2000

Dear Lab Users,

ACTION ITEM!  Before the lab shutdown please take a moment to remove
wafers and other items which are no longer in use.  Wafers which need to
be kept in the cleanroom should be marked with your name and date, as

I will be cleaning up my areas*** on Thursday, Dec 21.  Non-current or
unlabeled items will be removed from the machines, tables, and shelves,
and taken to the basement per standard lab cleanup procedure (I won't be
going through anyone's large storage bins, of course). You'll be free to
retrieve items from the basement but we cannot be responsible for loss
or damage. 

By the way, there will be a lot of work going on overhead in the cleanroom
during the shutdown so you're well advised to put critical items in 
plastic bags to protect them from dust.

Best wishes,
Robin King

***My areas include the RTAs, Gryphon, Balzers, Innotec, Metallica, ASM
epi reactor, STS PECVD, GaAs furnace/PECVD aisle, GaAs solvent bench,
ellipsometers, measurement room, Dektak area, ion implantation (temporary)
and general purpose wetbench (temporary).  Other staff may have different
cleanup schedules for their areas.

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