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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Wed Dec 13 09:27:53 PST 2000

Hello all,

Starting Thursday 12/114  there will be a blue bin in the gowning room.
need you to put your hanger (only) in the bin and your garment in the
dirty bin on the last day in the lab which should be on the Thursday
afternoon or which ever day is your last day ( could be earlier for some
people). This will give us the opportunity to clean up the rack from
extra hangers and get rid of the hangers that the owners have long
gone.  It is important to do this on your last day before the holiday so
Rafeal has enough time to send the  garment out and we will get them
back on January 2nd.

I also like to encourage you to please remove wafers and boxes  which
are not in use and mark  the ones you are planing to keep with the new
date. I am strongly suggesting  the clean up of the area behind the
singe oven. This will be the first area I will clean up if I do not see
any improvement. I will do the major clean up on January 2nd when we are
back from holiday so your items better be up dated by then.

Warning:  there will be some  work done in the clean room, people who do
devices should bag their wafer boxes for extra protection.  Plastic
bags  are available at solvent bench, where hot plates are and by the
Head way manual spinner.
I am open to suggestion and new ideas as usual.

I wish every one a nice holiday and hope all your wishes come true.

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