Remote Coral Update ....

John Shott shott at
Fri Dec 15 16:13:37 PST 2000

SNF Lab Members:

I know that a handful of you have been having problems getting access to
remote Coral.

Here are a few added notes:

1. Since the time that I sent out the message, Sun has released the official
"production" version of Java Web Start.  For those of you who tried to
download the "Release Candidate" and got the "You must be a member of Java
Developer Connection" message ... this should no longer be the case.  However,
if you did get the Release Candidate version downloaded, you should go back
and download the "production" release.  The Release Candidate will not work

2. When the application fires up, it will (before you see anything related to
Coral) it will tell you that this application has asked for privileges on your
machine ... and then probably warns that giving these privileges to this
application is a bad idea.  Here you have a choice: If you want to run Remote
Coral, we need to have Java Web Start be able to write a log file on your disk
... otherwise we have no means of recording what goes wrong with a session.
So, if you want to run Remote Coral, you have to trust the Remote Coral
application to write its log file.

3. There have been some problems related to setting and changing passwords ...
we are getting those shaken down, but it may take us a day or so, so please
bear with us.

Thanks for your cooperation,

The Coral Development Team ...

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