All Spin Dryers Are Dedicated To Specific Wet Benches

Dick Crane rcrane at
Thu Dec 28 10:38:01 PST 2000

Lab Members,

Apparently there is some confusion among same users about the use of the
Spin Rinser/Dryers (SRD) in the lab. SRDs are only to be used with
wafers/cassettes coming out of the dump rinsers from the adjacent wet
bench. In Litho, the two SRDs are considered gold contaminated. Users
should use Teflon cassettes that belong to Litho area only in litho
rinse and dryer. These cassettes are marked with
a brown dot and can not go to another area.

You can only use a different SRD from one adjacent to a wet bench
when a staff member gives you permission such as when a SRD is down for
repair. If there is no SRD next to a bench, see a staff member who will
assist you in identifying the proper SRD.

Jim McVittie
Dick Crane

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