Electrical power shutdown

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Tue Sep 12 15:23:38 PDT 2000


The electrical power is scheduled to be shutdown for CIS/CISX on Thursday,
September 14th from 8:30 AM until 9:30 AM. The SNF/IC Lab will close at
7:00 AM on the 14th to give the staff time to shut down all the equipment.
The lab will re-open about 1 hour after the power comes back on. Most of
the equipment will be up by then, however some equipment, such as tools
with Cryo pumps, will take a few more hours to come back up.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and we will not have any equipment
that refuses to come back up. Thank you for your patience.

	Jim McVittie

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