Shadowmask alignment

Beth Pruitt pruitt at
Fri Sep 22 15:51:16 PDT 2000

Please reply to this email if you could you benefit from a tool for 
aligning shadowmasks to a wafer. I have been using shadowmasks for 
depositing gold on released structures and I know several other folks have 
done this with other metals and homemade fixtures, the problem is the 
alignment is not very good.

EV apparently has a chuck for the aligner/bonder that will align 
shadowmasks to a wafer and clamp them together in a carrier made to go into 
sputterers and evaporators. If there is sufficient interest to justify it, 
we could get one for our EV system. Please let me know if you could use 
such a tool. Shadowmasks are available from places like Photo Sciences for 

Beth Pruitt
pruitt at

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