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Please contact Bruce if you are interested.


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>Simon, thank you for taking the brief time out to talk with me last week. As
>I mentioned I am the VP & GM of the Tungsten Products group here at Genus.
>As you know we manufacture CVD equipment for the manufacturing of ICs. I
>have some openings for process development engineers and at our rate of
>growth I foresee a continuing need through all of next year.
>My openings are threefold; summer interns, co-op students, and graduating
>For interns & co-ops the tasks would be supporting senior engineers in
>devising experiments, running experiments, analyzing results, and
>recommending actions based on those tests. These would be selected so that
>they could be completed within the timeframe of their work assignment.
>Backgrounds would be materials science, chemical engineering,  chemistry, or
>electrical engineer/physics with an emphasis on materials. Their are also
>some mechanical engineering type positions available within the hardware
>engineering group.
>For graduating engineers, their main tasks would be a much higher level than
>those of the interns/co-ops with the addition of specific accountable tasks.
>These include new applications for existing films, new film developments,
>and improvement of the existing process/tool system.
>The preference would be for someone who has had exposure to the IC/IC
>equipment industry or within your microelectronics lab.
>I appreciate your time in advance and look for to gaining some mutual
>Bruce Roberts
>VP & GM - Tungsten Products
>Genus, Inc.
>(408) 747-7140  x1180

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