User's meeting minutes

Dick Crane rcrane at
Fri Apr 6 16:12:25 PDT 2001

The following are the minutes from the lab member's meeting of April 5,
2001. Thanks to Mary Tang for putting the minutes together.


Labmember meeting minutes -- 4/5/01

Contamination issues in the lab.  Recent issues relating to potential
metal and alkali ion contamination in the cleanest stations in the lab
have spurred an effort to re-educate labmembers on proper cleanroom

1.  Prof. Krishna Saraswat gave a presentation, originally designed for
his EE410 class, on contamination issues in the cleanroom.  This was
videotaped and will become required viewing for new labmembers from now

2.  Gowning and wafer handling policies in the cleanroom have been
consolidated into an "operating procedure", which was distributed at the
meeting.  Once a few changes have been made, these policies will be
posted on the website.

3.  Since problems have primarily occurred at wet stations, we will have
a program to require requalification at these stations.  Requalification
will consist of a written exam.  The wet benches which will be affected
are:  wbdiff, wbsilicide, and wbnonmetal.  We hope to extend
requalification to the remaining wet benches and other stations in
coming months.  There will be a four-week grace period for all users who
are currently qualified, after which users who have not completed the
test will be removed from the qualification list.  Currently qualified
users will be notified by email shortly.

Community Service Program.  
Why:   There are many small tasks which collectively would make this a
better place to work.  Who better to define and perform these tasks than
people who really use the lab?
When:  effective April 16.  
Who:  anyone who logs in lab time in April will be required to perform
one community service task for the month of April.  
How:  there will be a logsheet posted near the entrance to the lab. 
Labmembers should choose a task from the logsheet, and perform the task,
and sign off the logsheet.  New tasks may be suggested.  For
equipment-specific tasks, contact the trainer.  For general lab tasks,
contact Dick.  For web-related items, such as process information links,
contact Mary.  For the next week, we will take suggestions for tasks,
which will then be posted on the logsheet.

Other announcements:
Welcome new staff members.  
Uli Thumser (in Litho area)
Henry Phan (starting 4/16)
Lourdes Ventura (Administrative Services Manager)
Gladys Sarmiento (part-time, in Diffusion area)

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