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John Shott shott at
Fri Apr 13 15:48:50 PDT 2001

SNF Lab Members:

It has been quite some time since we last asked all of you for an update on
your projects that are being carried out in SNF.  We use project reports of
this sort during our semi-annual and anual reviews with the National Science
Foundation (that sponsors the NNUN and is, therefore, the organization that
supports the broad use of the SNF) and with the Center for Integrated Systems
member companies (that provide funding that provides seed grants for a broad
range of Stanford and non-Stanford academic projects).  In early May, we have
meetings with both NSF and with the CIS Advisory Committee and would like to
be able to highlight a set of exciting research projects unserway in the SNF.

Accordingly, we would like to ask each of you to provide us with a single
transparency that highlights some of the exciting elements and results of your
research activity. To facilitate this and to encourage a consistent style, we
have attached a PowerPoint document that should make it easy to comply with
this request.

What you need to provide (by replacing the corresponding existing element on
the attached draft PowerPoint file with your project-specific material) is:

1. A project title

2. A set of bullets and-or sub-bullets that provide a succinct summary of what
you hope to achieve and interesting results thus far.  These points should be
geared to folks who are generally technically/scientifically aware ... but who
are not necessarily aware of your specific area of research or specialty.
Generally, we place the bulletized text on the left side of the foil.

3. One or two photos, SEM microphotographs, block diagrams or measured data
that capture the essence of your project.  Hopefully, they will cause the
audience to say "Gee whiz! This is an interesting project."  Generally we
place these on the right side of the foil.

4. Name and affiliation for you any co-workers and appropriate
advisors/bosses, etc.  This generally appears at the bottom of the foil. 
Note: we are very careful to make sure that this is work done by others ... we
never represent this as work that we did.  In fact, it helps us to advertise
the broad range of academic disciplines, departments, and non-Stanford
organizations that are making use of this facility.

When you have something to submit, it is easiest if you send it as an e-mail
attachment to me (shott at and to Lourdes Ventura
(lventura at

We'd greatly appreciate if you could get theses foils to us no later than
Tuesday, May 1.

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance ... and for contributing to the
long-term success of SNF.

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