Reminder ... Project Reports Due by Friday.

John Shott shott at
Mon Apr 23 18:50:05 PDT 2001

SNF Lab Members:

I'm getting a little worried ... at this point, I have received only 2
PowerPoint foils updating project status.  Interestingly, they both come from
Greg Kovacs' students ... go Greg and his students get the gold star!

For the rest of you: Let me remind you that these types of report are
important to our success.  Folks who should certainly include project updates

1. Non-Stanford academic users ... NSF needs to know where there support is
making a difference at institutions other than Stanford.

2. Industrial users ... same thing: NSF wants to know that their support of
our operation is having a positive impact on industrial research activity.

3. User Seed Grant recipients ... the folks who provide this pool of money
want to know what was done with it and to feel that the return on their
investment warrants ongoing support.

So, I hope that I'll be receiving a PowerPoint summary foil from each of you
by Friday ...

Thank you for your support,


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