Wet Bench Shutdown Scheduling

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 22 16:08:11 PDT 2001

Hello Labmembers --

In anticipation of the scrubber exhaust shutdown this (yes, this!)
Saturday, we are planning to drain the acid pots and tanks in all the
wet benches.  We would like to start doing this Friday morning, so we
can stagger the load throughout the day on the acid waste neutralization
system (I heard that the builders of PacBell park staged a simultaneous
"big flush" to test their waste system -- don't think it's been done to
the AWN here...)

So... if you need a particular wet bench, please make a reservation on
it for Friday.  If we don't see a reservation, we'll assume no one needs
the wet bench, and we'll drain it.  We'd like to have everything drained
by late Friday afternoon/early evening (I admit, I'd rather be elsewhere
at 6 am on Sat.), so if anyone wishes to use a wet bench tank or pot
Friday evening, please contact me (as you've just volunteered to help



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