E-Beam Shutdown on Sept. 1

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 22 18:29:14 PDT 2001

Sorry to have to send this message out to everyone. Some of the E-beam
users did not this message went sent to ebeam at snf.

E-beam Users,

Sorry for the delay in finalizing our shut down plans. I was waiting for

Hitachi to get back to me about being available if we have problems on
restarting the system. Everything seems to be OK for shutting down between
the Setpember 1st and the 9th. We going to start disconnecting the Hitachi
ebeam electronics on the morning (9am) of September 1. The room
modifications will be done during the week of the September 3. The plan is
to have everything back together by Sunday 9th so that the pumps can be
turned back on. Unfortionately, it will take a few days to get the vaccum
down to where we can operate. Paul says that it will probably be Wednesday
the 12th before everything is back to normal. I will keep you posted on
any new developments.

    Thanks,  	Jim 	
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