Reminder Fab shutdown Aug 25

Dick Crane rcrane at
Fri Aug 24 08:12:56 PDT 2001


Major fab shutdown: The exhaust/scrubber system for the fab will be
upgraded on Saturday, August 25. During the motor and controller
hangout, most of the fab will be unavailable for use. Any equipment
using exhaust air service or toxic or pyrophoric gases must be shut
down. See attached list for details. The photolithography area is
unaffected and can be used all day. 

All wet benches, furnaces, and etchers will be disabled.  Hot pots will
be turned off on Friday as their day's use is completed. See Mary tang
for details of timing. Gases will be turned
off at 0700. Work on the exhaust fans should be completed by 1600. Gases
will be turned on by 1700. Hot pots may be filled as soon as the exhaust
system is up. Check for a status posting at the fab entry door. 

Sorry for the inconvenience


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