old RBS system/Ken Williams equipment drawings

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Aug 28 09:58:58 PDT 2001

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

I have in my possession the Ken Williams drawings for the old RBS 
system. If anyone thinks that some day they might want to resurrect 
this system, you should get the drawings from me and keep them in a 
safe place. Otherwise, these drawings will be discarded on Sept. 11.


P. S. If you had Ken Williams make equipment drawings for you, I 
probably have them, too. You should claim them before Sept. 11.

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>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 15:27:56 -0700
>To: Sharleen Beckwith <beckwith at snf.stanford.edu>
>From: Turgut Gur <turgut at Stanford.EDU>
>Subject: Re: RBS
>The old RBS is gone and does not even exist anymore.  So I will have 
>no use of the old records and drawings. But thanks for asking.
>>Hi Turgut:
>>I have drawings, etc. related to the RBS, left behind by Ken 
>>Williams. Ann said you might want this information. Do you?
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>>>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 09:48:34 -0700
>>>To: beckwith at snf.stanford.edu
>>>From: Ann Marshall <marshall at ee.stanford.edu>
>>>Subject: Re: clearing out Ken Williams' file drawers
>>>Hi Sharleen,
>>>What fun!  Actually none of that sounds like stuff we need. 
>>>Except I'm not sure of the status of the RBS - I think it is 
>>>considered defunct, but if not, maybe we want to keep records of 
>>>anything related to it.  That is actually Turgut's area, although 
>>>he is allegedly leaving us in November, so might not want to be 
>>>bothered. However you might ask him if he has any files on RBS 
>>>that he would want to add Ken's records to.
>>>I may stop by sometime to doublecheck if there's anything relevant 
>>>for me, or if Turgut doesn't want the RBS stuff, I might want to 
>>>keep track of it.
>>>Ann Marshall
>>>Laboratory for Advanced Materials
>>>McCullough Building, Rm. 229
>>>Stanford University
>>>Stanford, CA 94305-4045
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>Turgut M. Gur, Ph.D.
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