Critical Point Drying

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Aug 28 13:29:18 PDT 2001

Hi all --

Yianni Tousimis from Tousimis, Inc. will be giving a short, informal
presentation on critical point drying in MEMS technologies.  This will
be held on Thursday, Aug. 30, at 2 pm in CIS room 101 (the conference
room) and you are all invited.

In critical point dryers, CO2 is introduced into a chamber under
controlled temperature and high pressure to its triple point
(supercritical stage), where there's no clear phase change between gas
and liquid. This is a nifty way to dry and clean devices without
worrying about stiction or surface tension of liquids.  Several groups
have asked that SNF acquire a critical point dryer -- here's an
opportunity to learn about these systems and what they can do.


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