Pretty pictures and exciting results for NSF.

John Shott shott at
Wed Aug 29 15:45:50 PDT 2001

SNF Lab Members:

Our colleagues at Cornell have been asked to represent the NNUN (National
Nanofabrication Users Network) at some event at NSF headquarters in Washington
in the near future.  To help in that regard, they would like to collect some
recent photos of exciting structures and devices built in our collective
facilities.  Do you have any recent results that might be candidates for this
purpose?  I'm looking for 3 or 4 exciting projects ....
In addition to the photos, we would like a handful of textual "bullet" points
to give a flavor of the work.  As usual, you and your organization will be
fully credited with this work.  Industrial and non-Stanford academic project
are always of great interest at NSF ...

Thanks for your cooperation,


p.s. We are nearing the season of our annual NSF review.  Within the next
month we will be soliciting a single PowerPoint transparency from EACH of you
including a photo or two, several bullet points, and appropriate title and
affiliation information.

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