Lab Cleanup!

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Dec 10 18:51:17 PST 2001


It's one week to the official Lab Cleanup Day!  Remember, unless you
plan on working the week of Dec. 17-21, please remove all your personal
items (personal bins, wafers, glassware, tweezers, etc.) by Monday of
that week.  On Dec. 17, the SNF staff are going to start removing
personal items remaining in the lab, in preparation for reorganizing
shelves and storage bins.  If you plan to work in the lab that week,
please place stickers (to be made available) on your personal items so
they are not removed during that week (all items, however, must still be
removed by Dec. 21.)

Ample storage space is being made available in the CAD room.  Please
check with Lourdes about obtaining labels and "registering" your
personal items in the CAD room.

A wipe-down station has been set up in the gowning room.  This contains
a clean room vacuum, alcohol and wipes, and (soon) a vacuum sealer.  We
hope this will make transport of personal items into and out of the
cleanroom more convenient.

Most personal bins and hanger/gown numbers will be assigned over the
shutdown.  Labmembers showing a significant amount of activity over the
past three months (perhaps 20 or more lab hours/month) will
automatically be assigned a personal bin and hanger number (except for
lab cleanup volunteers, who will get to choose their own!)  Other
labmembers will need to check in with Lourdes during/after startup to
obtain bin and hanger assignments.

One more request:  please also remove your bunnysuit, if you do not plan
to be in the lab.  There is a finite turnaround time for cleaning them,
and we would like to ensure that there are enough clean bunnysuits to go
around for startup.

Please understand that this is a work-in-progress -- as we get a better
understanding of the available space in the lab and what labmembers'
requirements are, we can be more flexible with the rules (within
acceptable standards of fairness).  Everyone's patience and cooperation
are greatly appreciated -- believe me, the lab will be a WONDERFUL place
to work, once things are cleaned up!

Questions, comments, problems, complaints...  yes, keep sending them to


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