WBDiff Cassettes

Anthony Flannery flannery at stanford.edu
Tue Dec 11 18:27:48 PST 2001

The exception to this is wafers coming from a diff clean going to metalization.
In the past, wafers were stored in the diff clean boxes until metal was run,
typically for Balzers or Gryphon.

Just wanted to point out the exception. If it turns out that there is a backlog
of wafers waiting for metal, that may explain the shortage.


"Mohammed H. Badi" wrote:

> Hey all,
>   If you're using Diff cassettes to store wafers, please don't.  Especially
> if you're holding LTO dummies that you're planning on cleaning "later."
> There's only one free Diff cassette at the bench right now and people need to
> get their work done.
>   Thanks.
> Mohammed Badi
> mbadi at snf

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