CAD Room Storage Protocol

Randy True true at
Tue Dec 11 18:51:11 PST 2001

Hello All-

Here are the instructions for storing stuff in the CAD room. I think
everything is explained well but if you have any significant questions
or suggestions, let me know.
I also posted a copy of this on the CAD room door.

CAD Room Storage

Metal shelves have been put into the CAD room to provide additional
storage space outside of the cleanroom. After the beginning of January,
when the new bins are installed inside the cleanroom and users have
their most needed materials in these bins, this additional storage space
in the CAD room is intended for materials that are still relevant but
not needed on a day to day basis: special glassware, new substrates,
finished wafers that are only a month old, etc. This space is not
intended for archival purposes. If you have wafer boxes in the cleanroom
which have not been touched in 6 months or more, do not simply take them
out of the cleanroom and put them in the CAD room. Take them to your lab
or office for long-term storage.

At this point, there is no restrictions on the storage in the CAD room.
If all the shelf space fills up however, we will have make some
restrictions. Those restrictions will be on the amount of space per
labmember (size and number of containers) and the status of their
account (have lab charges in the last 3 months).

For CAD Room Storage, here is the protocol:
1) When you have your container ready, put it into the CAD room. Please
fill the shelves from the front of the room to the back and within a
shelf from the top to the bottom.
2) Send an email to true at (before Mon Dec 17th) with the
phrase "CAD Room Storage" as the subject of the email. Starting Tues Dec
18th, send the email to lventura at Please make the time
between physically putting the container in the CAD room and emailing
short, like 10min or so.

In your email, please include the following in order, each on a separate
1) Coral Login (all in lower case)
2) First Name (first letter capitalized)
3) Last Name (first letter capitalized)
4) Your Research Group (professor's Name) or Company (i.e. "EE -
Harris", "Physics - Cabrera", or "Intel")
5) S,M,L, or Other for the approximate size of the container (with
reference to the S,M,&L Sterlite containers
in Lourdes' office) or if it's an unusual size (like a standup with
drawers), just explain at the end of the email
6) Date (MM/DD/YY)

Here's an example:

Sometime in the following day after your email, I will assign your
container a number, enter your info
into a spreadsheet, fill out a sticker, and go put that sticker on your
container. If you have several containers for one group or company and
you'd rather have them indexed under one senior group member, that's
fine, but please include in your email that the containers have
materials for several labmembers in them and also include their coral
logins.  If you only have one or two wafer boxes, please store them in
plastic ziploc bags at your
office, desk or storage locker.  If you don't have an office or desk in
CIS, then send me email (true at by Mon, Dec 17th and we
will find a solution for this. When you no longer need the space, remove
your container then send email to Lourdes at lventura at
so she can remove your entry from the spreadsheet (this could be for one
or more containers).

Thanks for you cooperation,  Randy True    12-11-01

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