Lab Cleanup Update

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Dec 14 17:00:26 PST 2001

Greetings labmembers --

More on the lab cleanup program (hang on to the edge of your seats,
1.  The BIG Lab cleanup day:  Monday December 17.
2.  Bunnysuit hanger and personal bin assignments.
3.  Group storage space.
4.  Lab cleanup week, tentative schedule.
Longly (in more detail):
1.  Please remove your personal items from the lab by Monday, December
17 (sorry, yet another reminder -- but I'm still getting emails and
phone calls asking about this...)  If you plan to work in the lab during
this week, use the red stickers to label your belongings (available in
the gowning room.)

2.  Labmembers with significant activity in the lab over the past three
months will automatically be assigned gown/hanger numbers and bins for
personal storage (the wonders of the Coral database!)  The list will be
posted outside the gowning room on January 2.  If you're on this list,
you'll be emailed before then.  If you don't have an assignment, don't
worry -- there should be plenty of bins to go around.  Please visit
Lourdes, Ciara, or me, on Jan. 2 or anytime thereafter.

3.  There are a limited number of larger storage units which will be
made available.  We'd like to try to allocate these in as fair a manner
as possible -- and (unless anyone can suggest better criteria) lab usage
and shared usage would seem to be the best. So, our plan is to give
preference to groups with multiple capped users, and individuals who
routinely cap on multiple accounts.  Right now, we are going through the
database to extract groups of people who use the same account.  However,
some research groups have multiple accounts, yet share labware or other
lab tools (particularly true for university groups.)  If you are in a
research group with multiple accounts, and would like a group storage
bin, please email a list of labmembers in your group, and we'll make a
list of groups (it would be especially nice if each group could just
email me once...)

4.  Here is the timeline for lab cleanup week.  Monday, 12/17:  Staff
and VOLUNTEERS (!!) will begin removing un-stickered items from the
lab.  These will be placed in the CAD room, and stored until February.
Tuesday/Wednesday:  Staff and VOLUNTEERS will install and reorganize
shelving.  Wednesday-Friday:  Staff and VOLUNTEERS will bring in and
install personal bins.  (Right now, nearly all the shelving is here.
Half of the bins are here -- the other half are planned to arrive in the
first/second week of January.)  VOLUNTEERS will be amply rewarded with
holiday goodies and first choice of bins.  Did I say that we welcome
VOLUNTEERS to come and help?

Thanks to all for starting in on the cleanup (doesn't the lab look
better already?  And it will look better yet!)


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
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