Training for Wire Bonding:

Mary Walker Mwalker at
Fri Feb 2 09:52:19 PST 2001

	Good Morning, Everyone;

		I am looking for someone, or a contact who can provide me
with some wire bonding training. My company is 	interested contracting
someone or company who can provide this service for me. If you or anyone, or
a company you know 	that will provide this training, please e-mail:
mwalker@, or call me at ( 408 ) 747-5915, ( 408 ) 543-4527,
or ( 	408 ) 431-2331. 

	Thanks for you help.
	Mary Walker
	E-mail: mwalker at
	Phone: 408 747-5915
	Phone: 408 543-4527
	Phone: 408 431-2331

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