Common courtesy in a shared environment ....

John Shott shott at
Sat Feb 10 11:38:17 PST 2001

SNF Lab Members:

There have been a recent set of messages related to problems created by people
making reservations on equipment and then not showing up to use them, people
leaving messes at various pieces of equipment and then failing to clean up
after themselves, etc.  To that list, I'll add people who leave equipment
enabled in their name for extended periods of time which  either confuses
people who may need to use that equipment, allows others to use it for free,
or makes it impossible to track down people who carelessly use equipment.
Note: Not all of these messages have been widely disseminated.  Nonetheless,
it is clear that there are a number of people in the lab who are observing
behavior that seems to point to a lack of common courtesy in living and
working in a shared laboratory.

Please remember that in an average month we have over 150 individuals working
in the lab.  It is a challenge to keep this place operational under the best
conditions ... all of these inconsiderate actions make it more difficult for
all of us.

Please remember to:

1. Clean up after yourself!  Many of the chemicals and materials we use are
potentially very hazardous and put others at risk if not handled and disposed
of properly.

2. If you can't use a reservation ... cancel it!

3. When you are done with equipment, disable it! We've heard the excuse too
many times: "Gee, someone must have used the equipment after I did ... it was
fine when I finished ..."
(Of course, the corollary to this is "Enable equipment in your name when you
are using it").

If people can't voluntarily comply with these rules and guidelines, I'm sure
that we can find ways to "encourage" greater compliance.  For example,
charging a fee for unused equipment reservations or eliminating the monthly
equipment cap completely would probably get a number of people's attention ...

Thanks for your cooperation,


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