Presentation this Thursday: A new direct write alignment tool.

Aaron Partridge aaronp at
Tue Feb 27 15:59:44 PST 2001

Lab Members:

At a recent conference in Switzerland I was introduced to a company, 
Heidelberg Instruments, that makes a direct-to-wafer laser exposure 
tool.  I was told that it can draw 0.5um features over a 4" wafer, 
aligned to global marks, in only 5 minutes per wafer.

Alexander Forozan, the Manager of Technical Sales & Marketing at 
Heidelberg Instruments, will be here to present an overview of his 
equipment, describe how it can be used with our work and answer our 

The presentation will be this Thursday, March 1st, at 10:30 AM in the 
CISX Auditorium.


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