CIS's Jacques Beaudouin Makes News

Robin King king at
Thu Jan 11 13:00:25 PST 2001

Dear Lab Members,

This article recently appeared in the Silicon Valley Magazine and may be
of interest to lab members.  It credits Jacques Beaudouin, retired CIS
Chief Engineer, with bringing recognition to the real birthplace of
Silicon Valley-- a small lab in Mountain View where Bill Shockley and his
team developed the transistor.  I was fortunate enough to attend the
dedication ceremony and talk with some of the people who earned their
place in history. Besides Beaudouin, Stanford's Prof. James Gibbons also
worked with Shockley at the San Antonio Road site.  
For those new to CIS, Jacques Beaudouin was also instrumental in
conceptualizing and building the CIS building and our state-of-the-art
lab, where so many emerging new technologies continue to change the world.

The story may be found at: 

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