Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Tue Jan 16 15:09:16 PST 2001

At 3:02 PM -0800 1/16/01, Robin King wrote:
>The flashing yellow light wasn't coming on in the lab as it normally would
>when we can't dump acids.  This email is a warning to not rely on the
>lights.   Do not dump any acids or bases down the drain until staff says
>Robin King
>On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Dick Crane wrote:
>>  Bad news. The NaOH line to the acid waste neutralizer is still frozen. O
>>  & M is continuing to heat the lines. Looks like  no waste dumping until
>>  tomorrow.
>  > Dick Crane

I believe this also means you cannot rinse your wafers in the dump 
rinsers, as per my discussion with Dick Crane at ~ 2:30 pm. Just to 
make sure everyone knows they should not be cleaning and/or etching 
wafers and using the dump rinsers to rinse them (or rinsing them in 
beakers at any of the "manual" wet benches).

The signs on the lab doors are not clear about this.


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